Joy - Mar 25, 2021

What are the benefits of using lead management for a salesperson's existing clients?

A key component of lead management is lead assignment. This is making sure that the most suited salesperson* is assigned to look after the lead.

But if the sales opportunity is already assigned to a salesperson, or is maybe even already their customer, does the salesperson, client and company benefit from a lead management system managing the lead/customer opportunity? Can’t the manager and salesperson just do this on their own?  Yes! They definitely benefit from using lead management for a salesperson's existing clients.  We have seen this firsthand time and time again.

Benefits include:

Prioritise clients:

The lead management system can help prioritize the order to best service or contact their clients in. This is especially useful if the salesperson has a lot of clients to look after. In addition, if the salesperson can’t or doesn't service a particular client, it is also easy to reassign to another suited salesperson.

Timeous response to Triggers:

Trigger events that provide an opportunity (e.g. registration of a home loan) or that require the salesperson to reach out to their client (e.g. maturing of an investment) can automatically be sent to the salesperson, and at the right time for optimal success. This means that you are not reliant on the salesperson to notice when an event trigger is there. 

Identify capacity to take on new clients:

If the salesperson does not have enough clients on their books yet, the leads management system will pick this up and assign new ones as they become available.

Activity insight:

Management gains insight into how active the salesperson is. For example: How many calls do they make a day? How many appointments do they have? And how many deals do they sign? This transparency helps manage the team for optimum results.

Different workflows and different deadlines for different lead sources:

Call to action leads have very different workflow needs compared to an orphan client who no longer has a dedicated salesperson attached and is not expecting a call from you. A lead management system's different rules for different lead sources will help optimise sales outcomes for all sources and optimise the use of the salesperson's time.

Training needs identified:

Real-time reporting identifies and alerts management, and/or trainers if a salesperson is struggling so that the right help can be given at the right time. For example, if the salesperson is having issues with telephone technique - then it takes too many calls to get an appointment; or if struggling with closing a deal - then it takes too many appointments to get a deal. This is even more important now for bancassurance* salespeople specifically as they now need to adopt agency behaviour due to reduced walk-in traffic, and changes in client behaviour.

Refer easily:

Whether an opportunity is referred to a salesperson, or the salesperson needs to refer a customer to another division, a lead management system makes reallocating and reporting on reallocated leads quick and easy - ingredients of optimizing success. 


Automation ensures the right thing happens at the right time without any human or subjective bottlenecks. Even the most organized salesperson will benefit from insights and notifications automatically generated.

These are just some of the reasons a salesperson, their clients and the company benefit from lead management for a salesperson’s already assigned sales opportunities. 

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Most-suited salesperson* includes criteria like:  the salesperson is available; they have the necessary skills to meet the client’s needs; their past behaviour (meeting deadlines, closing deals etc.) meet company standards; they have the capacity to take on a new client; geographically in the right area (if relevant). In addition, our AI could also predict which salesperson is BestMatch to the prospect i.e. more likely to close the deal. 

Bancassurance* is an arrangement between a bank and an insurance company allowing the insurance company to sell its products to the bank's client base. A large component of bancassurance business has been walk-ins into the bank branch.

Written by Joy