Joy - Oct 20, 2020

The Top 5 Problems We Solve for Outbound Telemarketing Teams

Value-Ad consistently achieves a verifiable 25%+* lift in sales for outbound telemarketing teams by solving the following problems:

Problem 1: Decreased and Stagnant Sales
We have seen decreased and stagnated sales in outbound telemarketing operations due to market saturation, as well as reduced lead volumes due for example “Do Not Call” lists. This means each lead counts more than ever, and wastage is to be avoided.

Solution: We help increase your sales by improving your contact to conversion rates, as well as increasing deal sizes.

Problem 2: High turnover of staff
In a “sink or swim” scenario, telemarketing salespeople generally don’t have too long to prove themselves before they need to move on. This results in high recruitment and training costs, as well as lack of team stability.

Solution: We help each salesperson sell more by sending them the type of leads they are most likely to close, quickly resulting in higher survival rates. 

Problem 3: Large variance in salesperson performance
It is problematic when most of a team's results are generated by just a few top performers. This leaves you vulnerable to a big loss in revenue if one of these superstars leaves, and also means the new and mediocre performers don’t get a chance to shine and build revenue as they could. 

Solution: We help each salesperson find the type of leads they are good at so that more salespeople do well.

Problem 4: Unable to prioritize which leads to call first
Leads may have been selected for their propensity to buy scores, but how do you know which leads each salesperson should concentrate on to achieve the best conversion rate possible.

Solution: With the team's selling profiles as a reference point we prioritize the leads they are most likely to sell to.

So how do we do this?

Our premise is that each salesperson is more successful selling to certain types of customers than others. So by modelling each salesperson based on their past failures and successes we can select the type of leads they are likely to do the best with. We call this Smart Lead Allocation (SLA). 

The models are updated on a regular basis to learn from the results generated, and also to adjust to any changes in the salesperson.

The salesperson is unaware they have been profiled and the leads can be delivered as they have been previously meaning no additional resources or training required.

To make sure we are able to measure the increase in sales due to SLA, a percentage of the leads are matched randomly so that their conversion rate can be compared to the SLA leads to see the difference in conversion rate. 

And lastly Problem 5: Working remotely
It is difficult for outbound telemarketing teams to work remotely when dependent on call recordings and activity dashboards.

Solution: We combine all the solutions for problems 1 to 4, with the ability to work wherever you are using our Smart Lead Management system that allows you to record calls and generate reports and dashboards for call length, call outcomes, call sentiment etc. Everything you can do with your legacy systems - and more.

What does this cost?
Fees for our service can be between a fixed monthly amount to a share of the increase in sales - as per your preference.

What about PII data?
We do not need PII data to do SLA. 

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More than 25% lift for smaller Outbound Telemarketing teams e.g. 15 people
More than 30% lift for larger telemarketing teams

Written by Joy