5 min read
Telemarketing - Dec 30, 2020

Next Level Outbound Telemarketing Sales Using Your Existing Systems and Smart Lead Allocation

Using the legacy resources and processes that you already have in place, how do you take your Outbound Telemarketing revenue to the next level? Can you for example earn more without -hiring extra...
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7 min read
Telemarketing - Dec 29, 2020

Why Smart Lead Allocation is Not Propensity to Buy

Propensity to Buy (PTB) models are widely applied to increase sales, and involve crunching customer data (potential or existing) to determine their potential to buy a particular product. This...
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6 min read
Telemarketing - Nov 17, 2020

Expert Round-Up - Ways to Drive Outbound Telemarketing Sales Part 2

Our Round-Up series is based on collecting and collating insight from industry experts on how to solve industry problems.The question we posed for this Round-Up to Outbound Telemarketing gurus*...
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