6 min read
Telemarketing - Oct 20, 2020

The Top 5 Problems We Solve For Outbound Telemarketing Teams

Value-Ad consistently achieves a verifiable 25%+* lift in sales for outbound telemarketing teams by solving the following problems:Problem 1: Decreased and Stagnant SalesWe have seen decreased and...
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5 min read
Telemarketing - Sep 18, 2020

Increasing Outbound Telemarketing Sales

Q: How can you increase the number of outbound telemarketing sales made by on average more than 30% without having to employ more telesales representatives or invest in more equipment? A:...
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6 min read
COVID-19 - Apr 3, 2020

Are Your Telemarketers Able to Work from Home?

COVID-19 has caused disruption globally on both a personal and business level. It has compelled many people and businesses to work remotely from their home to keep the possibility of getting...
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