5 min read
Telemarketing - Sep 18, 2020

Increasing Outbound Telemarketing Sales

Q: How can you increase the number of outbound telemarketing sales made by on average more than 30% without having to employ more telesales representatives or invest in more equipment? A:...
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6 min read
Agency Teams - Sep 14, 2020

How Do You Know if Your Hunting Salesperson is On Track?

Further to our blog on helping new salespeople survive, here we expand on how we know if a hunting salesperson - i.e. a salesperson who needs to source their own leads - is on the right track. It...
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7 min read
Agency Teams - Sep 4, 2020

6 Tried and Tested Ways to Reduce Lead Wastage

According to a study by Investment News, the lead to sale conversion rate for most of the financial services industries hovers around 21%. Have you ever wondered what happened to the remaining...
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