6 min read
COVID-19 - Apr 3, 2020

Are Your Telemarketers Able to Work from Home?

COVID-19 has caused disruption globally on both a personal and business level. It has compelled many people and businesses to work remotely from their home to keep the possibility of getting...
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10 min read
COVID-19 - Mar 20, 2020

Top 7 Problems That We Solve

Using our business insight and financial services experience we have built this scalable, flexible technology. So how can YOU use it to  make more sales?     Marketing Leads ...
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5 min read
Agency Teams - Feb 14, 2020

Smart Connect - Managing Referrals

Trust. In our work and private lives, relationships are built on trust. It is hard to earn and easy to lose.   Now before you think that I've gone a bit soft, I will get to the...
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