Joy - Sep 8, 2021

Smart APIs Podcast - Drive sales by adding Value-Ad’s Lead Management to your own system

We recently recorded this podcast discussing our Smart APIs and how they quickly and easily enable you to extend the capabilities of your existing portal or application with our enterprise grade lead matching and management engine.

This podcast is very relevant if you would like to drive your sales and increase visibility around your sales process, but don’t want your salespeople to log into another new system.

The podcast can be found at this link: and we have converted the audio to text below for those of you who prefer reading.

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Andrew: Hey everyone, is Andrew here from team Value-Ad and this podcast is hopefully going to shed a little bit of light on our enterprise A.I. driven lead allocation solution, we call them Smart APIs, so, let’s dive straight in.

Ok, so let’s start at the beginning. In short, an API or Application Programming Interface, is a bundle of code that essentially acts as a bridge between digital services, allowing one app to access information or capabilities from another. So in this new API Economy, we can now leverage platform ecosystems into extensible APIs, which is pretty cool.

So why would you want to do this with Value-Ad? Well, it’s all about driving sales. Even though you may have your own front end already, it maybe an in house app or portal that your salespeople already use to carry out their jobs or it could be a CRM with client data or systems that provide quotes or maybe you have even had a go at building your own lead management platform as well. And even if is none of the above, and you don’t have your own front end, don’t worry, we have a fully customizable front end ready for you to use.

With your current process, you don’t know how many leads are received for salespeople, are assigned to salespeople, or even actioned by salespeople. And like I said earlier – you need to drive sales.

This lack of visibility means that you can’t measure the quantity and quality of the leads source for example partner leads, -nor your own data mining, or marketing campaigns, you also can’t see how active the salespeople are, the results that they are getting and the specific help that they may need.

So how do you fix this and how do you fix this without requiring your salespeople to have to log into more than one system?

Smart APIs mean that organizations can now extend the capabilities of their applications while Value-Ad’s A.I. driven lead allocation engine does all the heavy lifting. It serves the enriched data back to their users via a secure and seamless REST API integration. 

In this way, you can quickly and easily - I’m talking days or weeks here -  apply our 15 years’ experience in financial services lead management via API integrations that previously could take months or even years to implement.

Value-Ad’s powerful, flexible and mature leads management system includes complex workflows, bespoke lead statuses, deadlines and messaging.

So, here how’s it works:
First, leads are loaded (in bulk or ad hoc) via a Smart API and using A.I. they are matched to the right salesperson at the right time to optimize sales success.

Then, we push the match and other relevant information via a Smart API to the selected salesperson who receives it via the Organisation’s lead view channel or application.

Smart APIs then collects the feedback on the lead via the Organisation’s lead view or application and this feedback is returned to Value-Ad Core via Smart APIs.

And to keep the process going, the Value-Ad lead management core uses the feedback received to make A.I. decisions and take action on the next step in the agreed workflow.

More than 20 mature and documented APIs ensure your system can team up with our powerful lead management process.

In addition, we deliver In-depth and real-time reporting.

Every action – and inaction – is reported as and when it happens giving you valuable insight into how many leads are in the system, how many have been assigned, what happened to them,  if the salespeople need help or if the lead source is light or poor.

In short, our APIs help you efficiently integrate into this backend and deliver the powerful functionality to your front end. Integrations between systems that once took months to build, now could only take just weeks or even a few days and sometimes a few hours.

Now you don’t just have to take my word on this. We have many successful clients and case studies showing this game-changing technology in full force. So if you want to hear more about how we can help you drive your sales, or if you want to discuss your requirements with us.

Please get in touch with me at That’s So that’s all for today, until next time, stay safe everybody!

Written by Joy