Joy - Jan 4, 2021

PII Data Compliance and Smart Lead Allocation

Complying with PII Data regulation is a non-negotiable in today’s world. As a result, and understandably, companies cannot follow a process that puts their clients’ PII data at risk.

Smart Lead Allocation (SLA) increases Outbound Telemarketing sales by on average 30%, using your existing staff, resources and processes. We do this by building a model for each salesperson based on their historical sales and failures. By doing this we are able to identify the type of clients they have the most success with, and assign those types of clients to the salesperson going forward. The models are updated regularly to achieve ongoing results. 

When it comes to SLA and PII data the solution is simple - don’t send PII data to us!!!
Smart Lead Allocation crunches your data to create effective models without the PII data. And our results speak for themselves.

It is true that in any statistical calculation that the more data the better, and also that certain fields are more useful than others. So while PII fields may not be available, our models make do with what is there. And as we are building a model per salesperson, instead of a model per product (in the case of Propensity to Buy), the fields (that we do hold) relevant to each salesperson’s results are considered per salesperson i.e. not a one size fits all model. 

Building a model per salesperson, per product can be tricky as if you have, for example, 30 salespeople selling 3 products, then 90 models would be created - a month. But we have these logistics and processes easily executed to do just this, and successfully build as many models as required a month.

Safe sharing of data via for example SFTP is also applied to make sure your data is safe. Keeping in mind, though, that without PII the risk of leaking identifiable data is removed.

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Written by Joy