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Bancassurance - Jan 21, 2021

Guest Blog: "Building a Bancassurance Sales Channel that Delivers"

Our guest contributor, Brian Jervis, headed up the banca team of one of the 3 biggest banks in South Africa for 6 years.The results his team achieved were some of the best we have seen world wide, 
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7 min read
COVID-19 - Jan 11, 2021

6 Problems We Solve for Banca Teams

Bancassurance is beneficial for customers, banks and insurance agencies as:
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3 min read
Telemarketing - Jan 4, 2021

PII Data Compliance and Smart Lead Allocation

Complying with PII Data regulation is a non-negotiable in today’s world. As a result, and understandably, companies cannot follow a process that puts their clients’ PII data at risk.
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