Joy - Dec 30, 2020

Next Level Outbound Telemarketing Sales Using Your Existing Systems and Smart Lead Allocation

Using the legacy resources and processes that you already have in place, how do you take your Outbound Telemarketing revenue to the next level? Can you for example earn more without -hiring extra salespeople, -investing in new headsets or systems, -training a new sales technique or even -redesigning your offices?

Smart Lead Allocation (SLA) helps Outbound Telemarketing operations significantly increase sales with verifiable results, time and time again.

SLA analyses each salesperson’s past history of success and failure to determine the type of prospect they are most likely to sell to. 

The best part is that SLA effortlessly integrates with your existing resources, processes and requirements in the following ways:

PII Compliance Requirements
The more data we get to model on - the better. However we meet compliance requirements as we do not need to receive the identifying details of the prospects or sales person. Our models still rock without it.

Propensity to Buy (PTB) Modelling
PTB - if your usual process - takes place before the prospects are sent to us for matching. From there we will assign them according to the models we have built using salesperson history data.

Delivering the prospect to the salesperson
Your usual process is followed whether using manual distribution or a dialer. Dialers are a huge investment and here to stay in most teams so there is definitely a way to work with them. Most dialers are able to be programed to send specific leads to specific salespeople which is how our allocated leads get delivered if this is your existing process.

The salesperson receives their prospects from you in your usual distribution method. They can't tell whether the lead is Smart Lead Allocated or randomly matched. This is only revealed to management at the end of that particular campaign when results of SLA are measured.

If a salesperson has not been with you long enough to have enough historical data to model, we assign leads randomly and start building the models as the data unfolds.

Reporting Tool
Sales activity and outcomes are measured and reported as per your usual process. At the end of a campaign the outcomes are shared with Value-Ad so that both teams can verify and cross-check the results, and also so that Value-Ad can update the models according to the latest results. As each prospect-salesperson match has a unique identifier, the outcomes of matched and random prospects can be measured. 30% of matches provided are random, allowing the effect of SLA to be calculated

Please note that Smart Lead Allocation is only suitable for your Outbound Telemarketing team if you have:

  • A sales team of more than 15 seats (the more the better);
  • A large source of leads to match against;

and you are able to: 

  • Consistently provide the same data fields for both historical (training)  and current prospect fields;
  • Make sure that the prospects matched to salesperson "X" can go to salesperson "X"; and also
  • Provide timeous reports so that the models can be refreshed regularly.

Please schedule a quick chat to see if we can help you, or if there are any other legacy systems you would like to discuss. 

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Verifiable Results - 30% of the matches provided are random, allowing the effect of Smart Lead Allocation to be calculated, with all else equal. An encrypted key of which leads have which allocation method (random or SLA) is provided on delivery and unlocked at the end of the campaign. This ensures that all the  leads are treated in the same way so that the affect of SLA can be measured.

Written by Joy