Joy - Jun 17, 2021

Increasing Sales Manager Success

Central to being an effective sales manager is managing your sales team and helping them sell! Nothing new there! 

In our many years of experience helping sales managers be as successful as possible, we have seen that this success is mainly dependent on 3 key aspects in their sales team -

Sales activity x Sales skills x Lead quality = Sales Results

Sales Activities that we find critical are:

  1. the number of phone calls the salesperson makes and
  2. the number of appointments that they attend. 

The salesperson is directly responsible for how much effort i.e. activity, they put in. By the manager knowing how active they are and if they are actually contacting prospects, they can see if the salesperson needs motivation and/or management in this area. The salesperson having an objective measure of this too will also be able to see if they are doing enough, or kidding themselves that they are.

Skills that we mainly focus on to get results are:

  1. telephone skills i.e. how many calls does the salesperson need to make to get an appointment, and
  2. closing skills i.e. how many appointments do they need to go on before they close a deal. 

Being able to see where a salesperson needs help allows both the manager and the salesperson to work on improving these skills.

Lead Quality covers a range of factors not limited to just quality but that affect how well the lead component performs in the overall successful outcome. These factors include

  1. speed of response (for hot inbound leads, expecting you to contact them asap). The quality of hot leads fades very quickly so slow responses affect sales outcomes;
  2. are their contact details correct - can you actually get hold of them?;
  3. their suitability i.e. is there a chance of them buying what you are selling;
  4. how many leads the salesperson has to work with. 

In cases where the salesperson is responsible for sourcing their own leads, they are solely responsible for lead quality, but even then, giving the manager this insight will help them coach and correct problems before it is too late. For leads provided by the company, the manager will benefit from knowing their quality and also needs to be able to see if the process to deliver them to the salesperson is effective, and that leads are being actioned and not wasted.

Sales management of each of these key factors - Activity, Skills and lead Quality - will drive the success of your team as they depend on each other, and a low value for any of these 3 factors will bring down the overall sales results.

For example, great leads with low activity will result in low sales, and low skills mean too many leads and effort is required to get mediocre results which are unsustainable too. 

Below we look at just one of the ways that we can help increase sales manager success - and this time it is with hot in-coming digital leads. 

The legacy process that we see followed a lot of the time includes time-consuming manual collection and collation of leads from different marketing channels, before they are filtered according to the area, existing clients etc., and then sent to the corresponding sales manager. Time is of the essence here as the longer this takes, the more the quality of the leads fade as they either go to competitor sites or may have lost interest.

The manager assigns leads manually to the salesperson  - often on a round-robin or subjective basis and then there is very little insight into what happens next other than deal or no deal. 

There is no way to see: 

  • Activity (Did the salesperson actually contact the lead?),
  • Skills (How many leads did the salesperson waste before they got an appointment or deal), or
  • Quality (Did the hot lead get to the salesperson quickly? Did the salesperson respond quickly enough? Did the lead have a need?)

A study found out that companies that used automated lead management increase 10% or more revenue. Hence, it is vital that the sales team effectively manage leads through the entire sales process without manual intervention. In our own experience, we have seen much higher returns than this. 

So in light of the above, how does Value-Ad help sales managers  - and their teams - succeed more?

  1. Automated Collection and Better Lead Allocation
    Sales increase significantly when you send the right lead, to the right salesperson, at the right time. To allocate right, as soon as the client captures their details, our system will check if the lead exists already as a lead or your client, and if not it matches the lead based on complex matching rules such as geographical area, the salesperson’s skills and behaviour, before routing the lead instantly to the application the salesperson has downloaded on their mobile phone. The lead has been collected, filtered and matched to the salesperson most likely to close - in seconds. 

  2. Faster Salesperson Reaction as Automated Delivery and Notification a Lead has Arrived
    Our system provides push notifications that notify salespeople when they have been matched to a lead. If no action is taken by the salesperson assigned within the time you have predetermined upfront, the lead can automatically be rerouted to another suitable salesperson to avoid lead wastage.

    Not only making steps 1) and 2) automated results in a streamlined process that makes sure that leads are acted on, but it also frees up time that marketing and the sales manager were spending matching and delivering leads so that they can focus on other valuable tasks such as generating more leads or training and mentoring the salespeople.

  3. Greater Insight into Activity, Skills and Quality with Live Reporting
    Our real-time reporting tools deliver insight into the performance of lead sources, the status of each lead and whether it was actioned, access to call recordings for training purposes, as well as a measure of each salesperson’s telephone and closing skills ratios to see if they need help to improve. For example, if a salesperson can’t secure an appointment after 40 calls, the sales manager can step in to provide training and guidance.
Does your company use any sales automation tools now? Do you still manually assign leads to your sales team? Can your current processes give you the insight you need?

Take a look at Value-Ad's Smart Lead Management, where leads are fully utilized and accounted for, your salespeople’s productivity is optimized, and your team’s overall results increased. Success for the sales manager!

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Written by Joy