Joy - Sep 18, 2020

Increasing Outbound Telemarketing Sales

Q: How can you increase the number of outbound telemarketing sales made by on average more than 30% without having to employ more telesales representatives or invest in more equipment? 
A: Drastically improve the way leads are allocated!

Currently, in most call centres leads are randomly allocated according to which telesales representative is available at the time - either by a dialler or the head of the contact centre.

However, we have seen that this does not result in the best possible results and the main reason sales aren’t as high as they could be is because salespeople don’t sell to all lead types equally. 

To solve this and improve sales, we build mathematical models for each salesperson based on past success and failures. We call this Smart Lead Allocation (SLA). This allows us to identify the types of leads each salesperson does well with. 

Next, we select these types of leads from the new batches to be called, and assign accordingly.

NB!!! PII data for the leads is not required - we match without it.

The matched leads are delivered using the call centre’s existing process

Our ways to drive sales don’t stop there. In addition to the allocation modeling described above, the leads are scored and selected accordingly resulting in the average size per deal increasing too.

It’s important to note that to be effective the models need to be updated on a regular basis. This is because each salesperson’s model changes over time - much quicker than you would think - and also the models become more predictive as time goes on.

So how can you be sure our SLA models have increased your sales? Maybe sales are up due to your new offices or the headsets you invested in?

To measure the effect that SLA has had, and to be sure that the increased sales are not the result of another factor, an agreed percentage of the matches provided are random, e.g. 70% SLA matched, 30% random. To make sure that all leads are treated the same by the salesperson (and manager), it is not possible to tell which are which. In fact, most of the time the salesperson does not know that SLA is being used (which also shows how no training is required to use SLA). The SLA batch of leads are provided with a key upfront so that at the end of the calling cycle management can see which leads were SLA matched and which were random. Then, by comparing the strike rates of the SLA matched versus random leads the effect of SLA can be measured. Real, statistically significant results are achieved. 

More about how Smart Lead Allocation has helped increase call centre staff retention, as well as how you will be able to run your own models at will, is coming soon. You can also read about how your telemarketing team can work from home here.

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Written by Joy