Zena - Aug 19, 2020

Lead Management Helps New Recruits To Survive

There is always the expectation or hope, that every new salesperson will ultimately hit the ground running from “Day 1”. Unfortunately, as I’ve seen in my 20 years in Agency, the first 6 months are difficult to survive.

To help more recruits succeed a lot of companies are adopting a more “focused” approach when selecting their new salespeople. Pre-assessments and drive tests help determine initial skill sets, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Onboarding processes in place serve as a combination of Product, Compliance and Skills Training where the type and length of training depends on the respective target market and product. In addition, Company Playbooks that only allow the salespeople to progress from one level to the next after they have passed assessments and demonstrate the required skills are used.

However, training and onboarding salespeople can be extremely costly, so it stands to reason that a strategic plan and effective training techniques are imperative.

In our experience a new recruit’s success – in order of importance - is dependent on:

  • Lead quality and quantity      
    If there are not enough new prospects for a new recruit to approach then they won’t be able to make enough appointments to have meetings to close deals to survive.
  • Activity
    If they don’t make calls or go on appointments they will not have opportunities to write deals.
  • Skill
    Specifically “telephone skills” that turn calls into appointments and “closing skills” that turn appointments into deals. 

In a nutshell - without enough leads to contact, there can’t and won’t be enough activity and therefore also not enough progression of calls, to appointments to deals, especially if there is not enough skill.

This process needs to be sustainable.

So how do you alleviate the growing pains of new recruits once they have started?

Knowing the numbers for each critical step will identify where they need help. Specifically, can they prospect, do they ask for referrals, can they make appointments from calls, and turn appointments into deals?

Training for each of these steps can be provided by their manager, a mentor, peers that excel in that area, the Training Department or even external trainers. Alerts are automatically sent to the manager (and or trainers) letting them know there is a problem so that the right help can be provided at the right time. Alerts can include not enough leads, not enough activity or poor telephone or closing skills.

Value-Ad provides you with an easy to use mobile phone application based service that makes it easy to select and add phone contacts to prospects, with a powerful backend that quantifies skills and monitors sales with real time reporting. This process is designed to help new recruits survive. 

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Written by Zena