Joy - Oct 30, 2020

Fast response times increase your sales conversion!

Imagine, that you are interested in a new insurance plan for your family, and you are browsing through a provider’s website. You have some questions about the plan and you fill in their website capture form, hoping to get more detail. The form says “Thank you for contacting us, a salesperson will be assigned to you and be in touch with you in 24-48 hours”.

You were in a buying mindset, taking action towards a purchase, but you will now have to wait two or more days for someone to come back to you. By then you may have changed your mind, be further along the sales process somewhere else or have even signed up with a more responsive salesperson. 

Failure in sales response time affects the sales conversion rate and The Harvard Review has a very interesting article on this.

The main issue is that marketing automation systems are not set up to get a prospect in contact with the right salesperson often enough, and quickly enough.

So how does Value-Ad help you get back to your call to action leads while they are still hot?

Value-Ad’s software as a service lead management system automatically collects and collates the leads from multiple sources. The system immediately matches each prospect to the most suitable salesperson (also discussed in the Harvard article) based on pre-set matching rules such as availability, geographic location, and skills. More involved matches like existing clients lookups are also possible - we have not met a process we could not do. 

Salespeople access and give feedback to the leads assigned to them via a mobile app available on the Google Play or Apple App Store. 

And importantly, if a salesperson does not get back to a hot lead in a certain amount of time, the lead can be reassigned to another salesperson to ensure the potential client gets the best service possible. 

The app allows the salesperson to contact the prospect via the standard phone call, SMS, email or Twilio calls. Twilio calls are cost effective and can also be recorded, making it easy for managers or trainers to listen to them for training purposes.

The app also contains feedback options bespoke to your organisation, where salespeople can easily update the latest status for the prospects after a call or appointment. 
Reminders are sent before the appointments, and follow-ups and reasons and comments are collected, providing great insight into each lead’s status.

To help managers and trainers know how their teams are doing, the feedback and sales activity collected is collated in a reporting dashboard. Information provided includes how quickly a lead was contacted, how many leads each salesperson is working on, how many leads it takes them to get an appointment and how many appointments to get a deal. All this information helps identify gaps in skills and productivity and answers questions like: do you have enough salespeople, are they doing enough and exactly where and when they need help with training. This results in more deals, more happy customers and more successful salespeople.

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Written by Joy