Joy - Mar 18, 2021

Classic Lead Management Bottlenecks

Do you ever feel like leads that you generate and provide for your sales teams fall through the cracks? Almost every lead management process has its bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and it can be an uphill battle to get this right. 

The traditional way of fixing this is to hire more people to address the problem points. However, increasing your team is not always an option - especially with the current economic situation, and also this does not necessarily fix the problem. 

Without the right system in place it is hard to track every lead from creation to conversion, but there are huge benefits to ironing out the lead handling process for your company. When an effective lead workflow is established, management, marketing and sales can easily report on how many leads have come in through the door, assess the performance of each lead generation channel, as well as the activity and skills of the sales team in order to craft a more optimized end to end process for the best results. 

So what are the classic bottlenecks of the lead management process, and how can we step in and help you with that?

Problem 1: Lack of process on how a lead is assigned and delivered to a salesperson 
In a lot of the current processes we see, the lead generators or marketing teams compile all the leads collected from multiple campaigns, and then manually allocate them to different management teams via email. The team managers then cherry-pick and distribute leads to their salespeople without any complex predefined rules. This does not maximize the full sales potential of each lead type and the process can also take weeks to deliver leads to specific salespeople. 

Solution: Automate lead-source-specific assignment and distribution processes
Different lead sources require different rules and processes to maximise outcomes. Hot leads where the lead has completed a form on your website for example, need to be assigned and distributed to the most suitable salesperson as soon as possible to increase the chance of a sale. Suitable salespeople are selected according to geographical location (if relevant), skill-set required, behaviour and capacity for example, and are notified via our mobile app within seconds of the lead being captured. If the salesperson does not accept the lead in a set time, the lead will be reassigned to the next preferred salesperson. This ensures that the leads are actioned while still “hot”.

For lead sources that aren’t as urgent such as cross-sale opportunities where the prospect is not expecting a call back, deadlines and workflow are configured accordingly.

In this way the right lead is assigned to the right salesperson at the right time, and delivered to them efficiently. 

Problem 2: Lack of insights into your sales process
Do you know what happened after a lead was assigned to a salesperson? Did they actually contact the lead or was it wasted? Did they get an appointment, or what kind of objections did they face? Not knowing this information makes it difficult to work out the ROI of the lead source, measure the activity and skills of the salesperson, determine the type of support they need, as well as know what  to address to get a better outcome. 

Solution: Transparency on the sales process and reporting
Real-time reporting is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime, anywhere and measures how many leads are in the system, if they have been actioned, customizable feedback such as “incorrect contact details”, “too expensive”, as well as the sales activity and the sales skills of the salesperson. This information gives management and marketing insight into ways sales can be improved in real time. 

Our solution can be used with either our front-end (mobile app) or as a back-end solution to your existing app or portal. Interested to find out more on how can we fix the bottlenecks of your lead management process? Schedule a non-obligation chat below and discuss the solution with us now!

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Written by Joy