Joy - Aug 26, 2021

Case Study: Big Insurance Company Increases Outbound Telemarketing Sales 79.9%

Using Value-Ad’s Smart Lead Allocation, the Singapore division of one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurance companies recently increased their Outbound Telemarketing sales by an average of 79.9% over 21 months.

Big Insurance Company* serves clients of all sizes with traditional and specialty insurance products. Their Singapore division was looking to increase personal insurance sales to credit card holder leads supplied by a large bank, using their current outbound call centre agents, and existing technology.

Key Challenges for Big Insurance Company’s Outbound Call Centre
The challenges Big Insurance Company* were facing include:

  • Competitiveness of Singapore’s insurance market where many companies compete for
    the same clients and revenue
  • Stagnation in the growth of sales
  • Prospect fatigue i.e. leads have been contacted many times by many companies.

Download the pdf to read about how Value-Ad helped find the solution.

Written by Joy