Joy - May 12, 2021

Increasing Sales for Aviva

Using Value-Ad’s Smart Allocation Method Aviva Outbound Call Centre increased sales by an average of 34.4% per month.

aviva 1 About Aviva
Aviva is the largest insurer in the UK, with large businesses in selected markets internationally. Their products help 34 million customers worldwide enjoy the peace of mind that comes from managing the risks of everyday life.

In Singapore, Aviva is one of the leading providers of retirement, investment, insurance and health solutions. One of its main distribution modes is bancassurance, via a strategic partnership with one of Singapore’s largest retail banks.

In January, Aviva launched a call centre to sell credit protection plans to the bank’s credit card and cash line customers.

Key Challenges for Aviva’s Call Centre
Traditionally the bank provided leads classified into different segments, and these were evenly distributed between the Telesales Representatives (TSRs).

Some of the difficulties experienced were: 

  1. Premium growth of sales had stagnated;
  2. TSR performance varied significantly even though lead segments allocation was equal;
  3. TSRs were unable to prioritize which leads to call first and
  4. The “look and feel” of leads assigned to each TSR varied greatly.
  5. Pending implementation of “Do Not Call” List.

Testing and Implementation

Initial testing of Smart Lead Allocation for Aviva was conducted to determine how best to optimise their sales results. Run on a risk-and-reward basis and using existing Aviva resources, Aviva was not liable for any upfront set-up or implementation costs to Value-Ad. No sensitive client details were revealed, no training was required, and results were quickly evident.

After taking the pilot’s findings into account, Value-Ad was able to reconfigure the Smart Allocation method and implement the system accordingly. Download the pdf to read about how Value-Ad helped find the solution.







Written by Joy