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Bancassurance - May 20, 2021

Measuring the Quality of Bancassurance Leads

Partners that share the same target market as you are a great source of leads, as while going about their own business, they can refer prospects to you when they identify that their customer has a...
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4 min read
Telemarketing - May 12, 2021

Increasing Sales for Aviva

Using Value-Ad’s Smart Allocation Method Aviva Outbound Call Centre increased sales by an average of 34.4% per month.
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6 min read
Bancassurance - Mar 25, 2021

What are the benefits of using lead management for a salesperson's existing clients?

A key component of lead management is lead assignment. This is making sure that the most suited salesperson* is assigned to look after the lead.But if the sales opportunity is already assigned to...
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