XY - Apr 3, 2020

Are Your Telemarketers Able to Work from Home?

COVID-19 has caused disruption globally on both a personal and business level. It has compelled many people and businesses to work remotely from their home to keep the possibility of getting infected or spreading the virus at bay. 

However, not everyone is able to work from home putting their businesses and earnings at risk. 

For telemarketers and face to face salespeople, working remotely is usually not generally feasible as they require company infrastructure that stores lead data, selects who to make the call, makes and records calls, diarises follow-ups, as well as reports on activity. This causes troubles in telemarketing operations which can be sorted if you choose a smart lead allocation system. 

Empower your telemarketers to work from home

At Value-Ad, we can help you solve this headache with our software-as-a-service. Our powerful Smart Lead Allocation system can help you assign leads, make and record calls, as well as track & report on sales activity for management - anytime, anywhere. It’s easy-to-use and ideal to drive higher sales revenue. 

How does it work?

For the Telemarketer:

Leads are added to the system in bulk, captured via websites, scraped from emails, etc.

The agent best-suited to work on the lead is assigned and they receive new leads via our mobile app. They can contact the prospect using the app and the calls can also be recorded if needed. They can use the app to give feedback, for example, a sale is done, contact number incorrect, set appointments or diarise to follow up.

Agents will receive notifications when new leads have been assigned or on the time to follow-up or call again.

Performance and sales activities are tracked so that you can see if you are meeting targets and how you compare to your team members.  

For the Manager:     

Enable/disable Telemarketers depending on availability. 

Reassign leads automatically or manually if unattended to if required for some other reasons.

Listen to the agent's call recording so that you can provide training if necessary. Thus, you can organize your team well to boost the total performance of your team.

Track team performance (e.g.: appointment sets, unattended leads, etc.) via our reporting dashboard through your laptop or desktop.

Boost the performance of your team through Smart Allocation algorithms to optimize outcomes and not let any leads fall through the cracks.

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We can help you maintain and improve your telemarketing operation during this difficult time and going forward - all from home but just like being in the office!

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