Joy - Nov 2, 2020

8 Problems We Solve for Agency

Value-Ad drives sales and increases productivity through our software as a service leads management and allocation. 

Here are 8 problems we solve for Agency teams.

Problem 1: Orphans
Orphans are customers left stranded after their salesperson leaves. When they are reassigned to a new salesperson, the lapse rate is relatively high, and the ability to cross-sell or upsell product low, as there is no relationship between the newly assigned salesperson and the orphan.

Solution: We help match and deliver the orphan to the salesperson most suited to them, and manage and report on the sales activity to help retain the orphans and also cross- and up-sell to them. 

Problem 2: Survival of New Agents
The survival rate of new Agency recruits usually falls well below 10%. 

Solution: We help address the 3 main reasons why new agents fail using our software as a service tool that helps agents and also gives managers the insight they need into their agents’ skills, sales activity and prospecting. 

Problem 3: Maturities
Ideally maturing investments are re-invested with your company. However, if the customer is not approached at the right time to re-invest, they are more likely to withdraw the funds or invest elsewhere. 

Solution: We alert the agent to the upcoming maturity of their client/orphan and manage and report on their activity to optimise the likelihood of reinvesting with you. 

Problem 4: Recruiting
Due to high agent turnover, recruiting is a never-ending process. It is difficult to monitor the recruiting activity of your Managers or HR departments, which makes it difficult to know the best ways and places to recruit from and the status of the pipeline of potential recruits. 

Solution: We provide collect and assign potential recruits to managers or HR and monitor the recruiting sources and activity and provide detailed reports for management. This helps measure and optimise the recruiting process so that enough quality agents are recruited as needed.

Problem 5: Premium Collections
Some marketplaces require the salesperson or collection agent to physically fetch the premiums from clients. Unfortunately, the collection rates are usually lower than expected. 

Solution: We allocate, guide and monitor the collection of premiums, increasing persistency rates and revenue collected.

Problem 6: Management and Measurement of Partner Generated Leads
It is difficult to distribute and evaluate outcomes and sales team performance when it comes to leads referred by partners. There are 2 sides to this as partner deals need to justify the spend involved, and sales teams need to prove they are working the leads by providing insight and feedback along the way.

Solution: We automatically collect and assign partner generated leads to the existing or most appropriate salesperson, and then manage and report on the sales activity creating transparency between the salesperson, the marketing team and the partner.

Problem 7: Marketing ROI 
How do you know that Marketing is generating quality leads? For example digital marketing leads.
How do make sure that hot leads generated are distributed ASAP to the agents before they go cold?
And how do you make sure the agents do contact the leads given to them, and within a required time?

Solution: We automatically collect and distribute leads generated by e.g. Facebook, within minutes to the most suitable agent, applying complicated matching rules as required. Each lead is measured from start to finish allowing the Marketing ROI and sales performance to be reported. 

Problem 8: Optimizing Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities
Data mining produces clients to cross-sell and up-sell to, but it is difficult to distribute them to the agents and monitor their sales activity. 

Solution: We assign and distribute leads to their agent and manage and measure sales activity and outcomes.


These are just a few examples of the problems we help solve and make a measurable difference.

We have Proof of Concept packages to help you test whether our system helps drive sales and help Agency survival for you.

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Written by Joy